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Interior Wood Finishing - Madison WI

Our interior wood finishing will amaze you as it will maintain its beautiful finish for years to come. We use only the finest lacquers which do not yellow like polyurethanes. We apply four coats over your custom stain color, and we spray everything. Eliminating brush marks is key to a flawless finish.

Stained Six Panel Door Stained and Finished Panel Door
Finished Window Frame Finished Window Sash
Stained and Finished Patio Door Window frame stained and finished
New Construction Patio Door Madison WI  
New Construction Finished Wood

White Painted Trim - Madison WI

Our white painted trim is second-to-none. We caulk and spackle all of the trim in place to eliminate all of the imperfections. Four coats of white lacquer is applied, and once again the finish is sprayed on so there are no brush marks. This is a time consuming process, but the final product will beat anything else on the market.

Blue Painted Wall White Painted Trim Straight Line White Painted Base
Sprayed On White Painted Trim Flawless Sprayed On White Painted Finish
White Painted Trim Closet Door Painted Trim In Madison WI
White Painted Trim New Construction and Remodel Madison WI

Interior Wall Painting - Madison, WI

We have several methods for giving your interior walls a perfect finish. We can apply one or two coats, and do a final touch up. We can also apply one coat at the beginning of construction, and apply a finish coat near the completion of construction. Repainting walls in your existing house is also no problem. We can use low VOC paints which have almost no odor, so you wonít even know we were there.

Painting Madison wall painting madison wi
Finished Window and Painted Walls Madison WI Painted Walls and Stained Trim
Painted Trim And Painted Walls Wall Painting Madison WI
Remodel Painted White Celing
Construction Painted Walls

Exterior Painting and Exterior Staining - Madison, WI

Whether you have a new house, or your current house needs a pick-me-up, we can definitely help you out. Scraping is something that nobody likes doing, so let us do it for you. We can make your old siding look new again, and it will be a pleasure every time you pull into your driveway.

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